Residential & Commercial Surveys

Kingston Morehen Chartered Surveyors provide a range of options for surveys and valuations for residential properties to help you make an informed decision about buying. We can provide the following services:

RICS HomeBuyer Report

This is a standard report in a concise format produced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and sets out the significant matters relating to a house and flat in an easy to follow way, prioritising issues according to their importance. A market valuation can be included, together with a reinstatement cost for building insurance purposes. A report is generally suitable for conventional properties from Victorian to modern, which are apparently in reasonable condition, which have not been substantially altered and for which is it not intended to carry out substantial alteration or extension. We explain more about the different types of surveys on the Surveys and Defects page. 

Building Survey

Once commonly known as a structural survey, this is a detailed report which describes the construction and condition of a property and details defects and important matters, with advice on what to do or the implications of problems accordingly. A building survey is suitable for most houses but particularly for more complex, unusual or older properties or those that have been substantially altered, extended or have significant outbuildings. A market valuation and/or a reinstatement cost can be added to a building survey, if required, for an additional fee.

Commercial & Industrial Surveys

In addition to surveys of residential properties we can undertake surveys of commercial and industrial properties and advise upon your lease obligations and matters relating to the use and operation of the building.