Building Insurance and Warranty Claims

Building Insurance Claims

Kingston Morehen can assist at all stages of insurance claims, including making the claim, diagnosing defects, providing reports, scheduling and specifying repairs, obtaining quotations and administering repairs. We can liaise with insurance companies or their appointed loss adjusters.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Traditionally known as Fire Insurance Valuations, we can undertake an assessment of a property in order to provide a figure for your Building Insurers as the declared value, which forms the basis of the sum insured. This normally entails a measured survey, together with an assessment of the general method of construction, nature of property and quality of materials and finishes. We also look for matters that may affect rebuilding times or processes and might therefore add to the cost. As well reinstatement cost assessments based on inspections, we can provide desktop assessments depending on the extent and quality of information available.

The Association of British Insurers recommends reviewing the rebuilding cost of properties each time insurance is renewed and recalculating the cost when a property is renovated or extended. Crucially, the rebuilding cost has no relationship to the market value, and can be higher or lower than that figure.

Warranty claims

New-build and some renovated properties often have the benefit of a structural warranty, provided by the NHBC or a similar scheme. We can assist in making claims or representing you for any claims, which can prove to be a frustrating, lengthy and highly-technical process. We have experience in dealing with developers / builders and with the warranty providers’ claims staff.